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We are computer scientists/engineers who love our (and all) cats. They are the cutest animals who deserve lots of love.

We live and work in the Seattle area as software engineers.

Latest happenings

8/2011: Mobile apps: Howard published a couple simple Windows Phone 7 apps; see Products page for more information.

5/2011: Mobile apps: Howard is experimenting with Windows Phone 7 application development, which is a lot of fun. The first one will be published soon, details to come.

9/2009: Snohomish PUD video contest We made a 30-second energy saving commercial for the local public utility district that won a prize! Everyone in the family pitched in. Check out the videos on the PUD website and scroll to the bottom for the video titled "Sun Family".

Windows Phone apps:

Products information

Four cats on sofa
From left to right:
Leader: First on our agenda is the neighborhood watch program.
Vice Leader: Mr. Chair, please allow the human who stands in front of us to speak.
Treasurer: I second the motion.
Secretary: It is noted that a human has been allowed to speak.

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